Have you ever screwed something up to the point that you want to erase it from your memory? I had a minor one of those on Saturday. Okay, that seems weird. a MINOR mistake that you want to go away… I think I can call it minor now that there has been some time separation. Anyway, its really not that big a deal in the grand scheme of things but at the time I was on overload. Let me explain.

I was trying to get too much done at once. I wont bore you with the pile of chores I was attempting but I ended up in my office with a bunch of old paint cans stacked on my desk. As luck would have it one of the cans fell off, hit the wood I use as a carpet protector and spilled red high gloss paint all over my beloved sanctuary. I flipped out.

For the first fifteen minutes I was just trying to contain the destructive ooze. Once that was under control it was time to assess the long term damage. My floor looked like a glossy murder scene and for a brief second I considered heading out to buy yellow paint for a body outline. Funny, but every time I looked at it I would not be laughing. Plus I would be painting over the carpet and that is never fun.

(how would I know that painting carpet isnt fun? In college we built our own bathroom in a rented basement. The flooring was AstroTurf so we painted yard lines and hash marks. This turned into a drunken pain in the ass but the results were as awful as they sound.)

I decided to try and clean the carpet while the paint was still wet. Three hours later I wanted someone dead. No matter what I tried I kept getting pink on the paper towels. It was infuriating. And my particle board carpet protector looked disgusting. I was in a dark place. Eventually I got the  carpet to a place I could live with but when the light is just right you can still see the evidence. Note to my real life friends: mentioning the stained carpet will be a dangerous endeavor for a long time. You have been warned.

The initial spill was roughly that size with a thousand or so splatter dots everywhere. That tile you see is peel and stick clearance vinyl from Home Depot. At fifty cents a tile it was an economical cover up. The paint came right off of the desk legs but the carpet will forever disappoint.

fAAAAACCCCCCKKKKK I can barely stand to glance at this picture and the stain is currently three feet from my left. I hate it the most because it was a stupid mistake. Easily avoidable. idiot.

I am heading out later today to buy a bunch of carpet cleaner in a last ditch effort to depink my floor. Expectations are low. Why does this bother me so?

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