goodbye Apple watch

I have re-gifted my Apple watch and I feel as if I have been unchained. I wanted to love the thing. I mean I REALLY wanted to love it. The first couple weeks I had it I convinced myself that I really liked a bunch of its features. This was bullshit justification. I was a slave to yet another piece of electronics and the benefits did not outweigh the asspain.

It was great being able to feel a vibration every time I got a text or other notification but after a while it sucked. It was cool seeing who was calling and being able to ignore the call without picking up the phone but answering said same on my watch made me hate myself. The health app was cool but didn’t seem very accurate. And everything else I wanted to do seemed to take a beat longer than if I had just grabbed my phone in the first place.

I am already a charge slave to the phone but if I use it right that is an every other day thing. Not so with the watch. Miss a day of charging and you turn your wrist three or four times before you realize its dead not just misbehaving. The charger thing is weird as well because it is another cord and connection to carry. They could have made it compatible with the Qi wireless standard that everyone else uses but being Apple they wanted to tag me for more cash. I am starting to think about a long road run and every time I had to take the thing off to charge annoyed me.

So the planets aligned and a deserving soul needed some of the features and could appreciate the toy. I started thinking about this plan on Sunday and it took until today to execute. As I was cleaning up I noticed that the annoying take a screenshot for no reason problem I had left me a present as a picture of how little I moved today.

Its almost like it was saying goodbye. ridiculous.


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