I am reconsidering the tiny house idea right now. I think its a little flawed because they take the original under 500 square feet thing to the extreme and most of them come in under 200 squares. I don’t want a ladder or a loft so that makes a bunch of the popular designs completely unusable for me plus everything I have read lately points to enormous towing asspain. So if I cant easily move it I would rather buy land and build a container home but that is getting off track.

I looked into big RVs as a living space and they would work great but holy shitsticks they are expensive. Even if you want a good used one they cost as much as a really nice house. Then you have to figure out how to maneuver these land yachts everywhere you go and I don’t have the patience to get my CDL. Plus a lot of those folks who do it full time tow a tiny car or jeep behind them so they can drive around comfortably once they drop anchor somewhere. Seems like something I don’t want to hassle with. So I have landed as of right now on a fifth wheel trailer.

I love me a good pickup truck and the 5th wheel gives me everything I want in a mobile dwelling. If I were going to start planning for one of these I would also factor in the cost of a new diesel truck with more than enough towing capacity which would give me my drive around town car as well. The slide-outs make some of these dam things bigger than my current abode and that is an interesting option in something I can haul around behind me.

I realize this is a weird random uncontrolled spin out of nowhere but I have been locked in on the tiny house thing for so long that once I really started thinking about it this idea has overtaken my brain. Maybe I just need something that feels like I am planning my way out of my current set of circumstances. Either way I have a new obsessive hill to roll down.

All of this could change with s puff of wind but this is what occupies my current spare brain cycles. After one night of looking this is the current front runner – The Riverstone.

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