Yesterday got away from me. No idea thow hat happens sometimes but I looked up and it was midnight. I am under a bit of work pressure that is turning into long days but that’s not what happened. The boy and I headed out to opening night of X-men Age of Apocalypse and it did not disappoint.

We spent the entire ride home talking through the mutant universe and I loved every second of it. The girls will still head to a movie with me when their schedules permit but I fear I am heading toward a superhero drought in my not so distant future. I will then just switch my movie going to the road.

I love few things more than a movie in a theater. I like a giant popcorn and a giant pop mixed with a couple hours of escapism. On the road it is the last destructive thing I can do. No talking or anyone talking to me and I’m not trapped in my room going over the next day obsessively. Much better than eating at a bar then drinking my desert.

This movie ruled for a lot of reasons but primary of those is this series was the first comic series I exposed my toddler soon to. Spiderman was a close second but the X-men were always our thing. Neither of us left disappointed. I will probably see it again in the big upcoming road trip just because I can.

Yesterday was a good day.

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