Bursting in air

I’m getting a bit cranky this memorial day weekend it is after ten on Saturday night and I can’t find a black and white war movie anywhere. It’s really beginning to wear at me because left without an explanation my brain makes up its own.

I am picturing some network weenies sitting around talking about not glorifying war. Never mind that even the poorly done ones are part of history and this whole holiday is about remembering sacrifices that great people made so I can sit on my fat ass and complain about my lack of cable TV programming choices.

Or some a-hole has a problem with the mildly offensive racial slurs thrown towards mortal enemies while the wounds of war were still ongoing. I’m looking for John Wayne winning and he is  no where to be found. 

Add this storm and a giant white ball of fluff and anxiety and I am headed nowhere happy. I might need to cut my losses and call it a night. I wonder if the all night wallgreens would sell me a first full off doggie downers without a script. Might be worth the trip.

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