I found myself sitting in a restaurant at 3:30 in the afternoon ordering dinner fighting off sleep. I had been awake since midnight by this time zone after a whopping three hours sleep and the world was crashing in around me.

That stupid five in the morning flight was courtesy of the airline cancelling my more normal travel time flight and it completely put me on tilt. I had to drive an hour to Ft. Collins without being able to sleep at all on the plane so a five hour energy was required for safety reasons. This put me at my appointment three hours early and by 3:00pm I wasn’t forming complete sentences.

I don’t really remember the meal but it woke me up enough to finish out my day of email and a pathetic family check. Passed out with the TV on somewhere around six and woke up scared at 4:00am. I need to shake off this fog as I am here all week but I can safely say I’m a complete idiot.

I went to buy a system leveling diet coke and once it was my turn to pay I completely blanked on the whole process. I was asked a total of three times for my money when I finally remembered what to do. Hopefully my floating diet coke tumor hasn’t found a permanent home in my brain.

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