Another doozy

This was once again a travel day from hell. Plane delayed four hours but I’m not here to cry about that little nugget. The issue today is those paper bird flu masks that are popular with Asian travelers. I know that might be racist but it’s not meant to be anything other than a solid observation. So the Chinese dude (thank you kids school for all those years of Chinese classes that allow me to recognize the written language) next to me was wearing a mask but he had experienced the same day of delays I did so he needed a break from filtered breathing.

When he pulled it down around his neck I audibly gasped and he turned the horror show my way. Wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. The air on the plane was broken at the gate so our flying bus was more than ninety degrees at its warmest. They cooled it down but the dude was having some issues. When the mask dropped he was sweating so bad in a mask shape that it glowed with sweat and grease. I have an almost nonexistent gag reflex but for some reason this caught me just right.

I ended up turned toward the window for the entire flight with my own makeshift mask. I pulled travel towel out of my bag (hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy did not lie. I always have a clean wash cloth sized one in my carry-on) and kept it over my own nose and mouth. I am also not normally a hypochondriac but I swear it feels like something is lodged in the back of my throat. If I road next to some kind of patient zero then this is my official record that my family can use as the jumping off point for the lawsuits.

Shit, writing about it didn’t exercise that demon… Air travel blows.

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