Things are coming at me fast and hot right now but I need to write this down during a rare calm in the current shit storm. I’m not here to talk about any of the things pressing in on me and in fact I’m not so sure I could even list them all. I currently measure my stress in atmospheres. It seems appropriate and makes me feel like I might be able to think my way out in front of it all but I digress.

Yesterday I received an incredible gift and it was not from my family. The people emptying out my neighbors house needed my help so I got invited into the hoard. Three  full dumpsters have gone away and it’s still everything I imagined.

The smell is hard to describe because there is so much going on but it is a punch square in the nostrils. I was picking up notes of rotting flesh and rodent feces. These were coming in under a blanket of thick mildew and decay. The taste of body odor made my mouth sweat so I shut my olfactory system down.

The trails where she traveled through the maze were easy to see as the floor was less ruined in those lines. I was with embarrassed family members so grabbing my phone to take pictures would have been rude. Mounted animal heads, plastic bags everywhere, filth as far as the eye could see. I am already shopping for a 2xl tall hazmat suit and respirator.

If I want heading out of town I would be in that house right now. It’s calling to me. Back to Amazon, I need to add a headlamp.

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