it moves fast

Gone for a week and someone was towing the boat that hasn’t moved in more than twenty years. Trailer was buried to the axels so this was no hook and book. I finally went outside after a half hour of truck noise coming from the dog run.

The relatives that are selling the house are having the thing towed out to Rockford because they just put the teardown up for sale and thought that a rotten sunken boat didn’t make a good lawn ornament. The same match that will burn that house to the ground could have easily taken care of the SS Landlubber. (not it’s real name but I’ve been staring at this thing for a long time and no name could not stand) 

If that tub could have held more than two of my friends I would have towed it on time up to the lake. This winter I will begin my search for an ugly but running power boat. Cheap rules all and I’m going to propose throwing money into a hat at this year’s gentleman’s gathering.

We are currently trying to figure out how to keep the house on the pond without working so damned hard. We are in current need of someone to exterminate a carpenter ant infestation then we need multiple siding and a couple roof repairs. This is only after the dead tree gets cut down in the next couple weeks. Good financial times.

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