Some kind of computer something didn’t allow yesterday’s post so appear on the internets and in the spirit of the post itself I did not care. I liked that video so much I purchased the guys app for two dollars as I believe in rewarding genus. I will be using it to fall asleep on the road next week. Anyhow, good stuff.

I was told on the phone today that I was difficult and while I completely agree I wanted to know more. This person said that I never take anything they say at face value. I always have questions. As I waited for the difficult part to be explained I was met with silence so I asked if my questions are what made me “difficult.” When she replied yes it was time to get more so.

I asked her if she was looking for someone to just agree with everything she said, someone who would not challenge her in any way, a glorified YES MAN, when it dawned where I was headed… “I just wish you would let some of the things I say go without comment or question.” I asked like what? and I wont bore you with the next half hour’s back and forth but it boiled down to the things she threw out as filler.

First I let her know that my business card should actually read NO MAN. I love the word no like few others in the English language. Two simple letters that form an eloquent declarative statement. I love no so much that I prepare to hear it in most of my conversations and am shocked when others act as if people will not actually hear the words they say. Part of my job is to be an active listener and a big part of listening is understanding. If I don’t get it, I will let you know.

But that isnt the point of this long and winding side road. The point was some people don’t want to have a real conversation anymore. They want to speak and they want you to listen but the only feedback they require is one that completely supports their position. I am the wrong player for that game. time to meditate on this subject.


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