My name is Tom and I am a drunken kickstarter

Hi Tom. sorry, bad joke but it fits as I wrote the title first. Anyway, when I have a few too many I tend to back a lot of inventions. I am a huge fan of Kickstarter and I peruse the site quite a bit especially when I’m on the road. So last night I was sitting down minding my own business screwing around on this iPad while I waited for my not feeling well wife to get ready for bed. I had been drinking a bit and distinctly remember getting sucked in to a carry-on luggage thing that had bigger wheels and allowed you to over pack it and through a series of zippers compress your stuff down to a normal size. It might weigh a metric shit ton but it would fit in the overhead compartment.

Anyway I clearly remember shutting the browser down as I saw the price well above two hundred dollars. That was well out of my comfort zone and as anyone who plays this game will tell you Kickstarter can be a risk. So you can imagine my horror when I noticed a congratulatory email from that company. I panicked for a second until I read that I had backed some kind of glasses case that held other things. Not my best work but it should be useful enough and a tenth of what I thought I had spent.

The trouble with Kickstarter is the projected shipping date is rarely met. (well that and the fact that you can lose your cash altogether) This means you can sometimes order things that are inapplicable by the time they come out. I have had things ordered for phones that changed twice by the time they showed up. Other inventions get delayed so much the inventor gives you extra stuff and then has to change production because a company like Apple changes their charging system. I currently am the proud owner of five Thingchargers that don’t work with any of my outlets. (they will be heading to the lake house in a couple weeks) Anyway those showed up a year and a half late and I didn’t really care anymore.

I am embarrassed by some of the stupid shite I have backed but luckily my twenty dollar strike price means I never get burned too badly. The only high dollar one I took all the way to the checkout page was something called Kanoa earbuds. Luckily my work friend ordered them and he has been delayed so many times he is officially pissed. I am still interested because if they do half of the things they promise they will work just fine for me. My real life guinea pig will let me try them out for the price of one scotch. Much better than backing the things if they suck.

Someday I should list all of the stupid shit I have supported but that day is not today. I love that site because invention is one of the things I love most about humans. Putting something up on that site is on my bucket list. There is something else I should publish someday. my bucket list. That is a doozy.



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