As I stare down this slide from Hell I am reminded of the “thugs” I encountered earlier this evening. Here in St Paul which is clearly the second banana of these twin cities everything is just a little off. I was walking by the boostmobile in the picture carrying my recent score of effervescent caffeinated poison when a couple three scrawny gangster wannabes were blocking the sidewalk. To the right there where the concrete is narrow and a light post sits. Not on purpose or even in a menacing manner they were just positioned in a way that wouldn’t let folks get by. So I sauntered up to the traffic jam to figure out the holdup and to decide if I needed to jaywalk over to my hotel. A woman very politely said excuse me and was rewarded with something that was supposed to be a hard stare.

If there would have been a scale handy and big enough I could have set my pop down and stood on one side while the three of them huddled together on the other and I’m pretty sure I would be firmly on the ground. So I was considering just walking through the blockade when another bystander did just that. Next up, everyone else. The three amigos had momentary trouble regrouping as people paid them no mind. When I looked back they were obviously pissed but did nothing about it. This is when I realized that I had just experienced the hoodlum version of minor league play.

How sad it must be to walk the streets of a town where the Walgreens closes at 6:00pm. A bigger city with more going on after dark is within walking distance but you don’t have what it takes to elevate your thuggishness to the next level. The city you stalk can’t support a single chain retail store right in the Target store corporate backyard and you and your crew can’t even hold a tiny square of concrete. I took this picture after I noticed they were no longer there. I wanted to find them and ask what their gang was named. If they didn’t have one I had some suggestions.

Three Not So Polite Fellas

We Who Could Care Less

The What Are You Looking Ats

Not all great but I was looking to collaborate with the gang.

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