A new one

I was standing in one of the bathrooms at work minding my urinal business when I heard a familiar clicking sound. I could have sworn that someone was trimming their nails but who would do that on the shitter? The room was busy so I couldn’t wait to see the perpetrator lest I look stranger than I already am but I tried to keep an eye on the door.

As luck would have it I got sidetracked and the culprit escaped detection. Once I had time I ventured back into the washroom where I found the stall unoccupied and took the above picture. (I know, who is creepier- the clipper or the dude taking the picture of the shrapnel…) You probably can’t tell but those are toe nails on the floor. My head is spinning.

No article of clothing should ever hit the floor of a public bathroom but this sick bastard took off his shoes and socks. Great gobs of vomit this must be an escaped mental patient. I have never had a toe trimming emergency but I have another day to hunt down this villian to demand an explanation.

I will lose some credibility as I show him the photographic evidence but some questions demand an answer. Sometimes this brain is a curse.

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