Delayed again

United is jamming it up my hind quarters again so I have a ton of dangerous thinking time on my hands. I just finished a book and this headache feels like a popsicle stick has been jammed into my brain in an unbelievable snacking accident. (Say jam again jamhole) Watching the Chinese fella across from me sleep just stopped being fun as I have guessed his entire life story so now it’s time to write but not about him. It’s too sad…

I was thinking more about my India cowmanitarian efforts when I remembered that my eldest child was just there and had to lie about her own philanthropy. She was over there helping sex trafficking victims or some better-than-me thing like that but she had to say it was for tourism. If I’m going in under a false tourism visa I might as well just go completely up to no good.

I’m thinking about an underground steak restaurant. With eating cows being illegal I would already own the thrill seeking diner market and with my limited understanding of the caste system it seems like that would really help target your marketing. Plus my main course is walking around everywhere free for the tasting er taking. 

The plan is just beginning to percolate but I already see great things. Open once a week to limited seating never in the same place twice. I will have to charge like a gillion of their pretend money but if your going to consume the forbidden beef it’s going to cost ya.

My seat mate is awake and attempting to create a meal out of the meager snack offerings in this lounge. An impressive triple decker cracker and cheese sandwich actually looks kind of good. Nope, now he’s gone and ruined it worth a big dollup of hummus. I need more beer.

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