Why Dish?

Why in the hell do I have satellite TV I find myself asking this evening (well, this is awkward, I have no idea what punctuation goes here…) It’s because I got a screaming deal but am currently experiencing a get-what-you-pay-for situation. It’s raining like I should have been working on an ark and when that happens, when you want to be inside watching TV, the signal is spotty at best.

That damn Xfinity windy rainy branchy commercial keeps running through my head. This is infuriating and if I want it to stop I have to buy my way out. Shame on me for agreeing to a shitty deal but as long as I’ve got some time to kill I’m going to screw with their customer service team.

I am currently on hold as I have taken my agent of script for the third time and he doesn’t know how I’m doing it. It’s really simple, you ask them to clarify what they just said and then answer something completely different. For example if they ask you to reset the receiver you clarify their request and then begin talking about the pixelation that happens just before the signal drops. If they try to course correct and address the picture you ask how long exactly you should hold down the reset button and on and on til the break of dawn.

Oops they are back on the line. I need to ask this new guy what he knows about rhubarb crisp.

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