I’m doin it wrong

I currently find myself swimming in and out of a funk but I know exactly what it’s tied to and change would be a muthaeffer. I might actually be having my own version of a midlife crisis and knowing that doesn’t make me feel any better. The last year and a half or so has been filled with one economic nut punch after another and I am tired. I have grumbled about this in the past but I am quickly reaching a point. What happens once I get there only the shadows knows but in my dreams it is a life simplified. No more feeling as if I am walking up a down escalator with a money spigot driven into my trunk. I will not go to deep here as this is dangerous might get too personal writing space but if things get bumpy I wanted you to have an idea where my head is at.

This post is partially brought to you by the good people at protest. I barely have time to type this nonsense let alone stand in a crowd shouting for no money. I don’t get it. All I can figure is that this is some sort of vacation for people. As I watch yet another National political convention I cant help but wonder what’s doing with all of those idiots as well. Are there jobs that pay you to go to the  conventions aside from reporters and lobbyists? When I researched this I found out that a majority of these people use sites like GoFundMe to beg for the cash. I thought that was to help with peoples crazy medical bills and other philanthropic type good works not to pay some asshat to scream at a stage from the bleachers. My mind was blown.

So tonight as I was sitting at a light I caught myself staring at the horrendous penmanship and piss poor typographical planning of a local protesters sign. He mistook my concentration for genuine interest and approached my vehicle. (normally while at beggar infested stoplights I wear my scowl of impending doom. its proven 99.3% effective in field trials) He offered me a business card and started prattling on about contacting my elected something or other when I interrupted him. “What do you do for a living?” no answer “How do you pay your bills?” that’s none of your business. “You are all up in my political shit right now and I just want to know how you support yourself. You’re out here all the time with your poorly printed unintelligible message and I NEED to know how you exist in the world.” The horn behind me meant that I had to move along but the only thing I learned is that I’m doing something drastically wrong.

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