Little help

I was cleaning up some  of my digital detritus this evening when I stumbled across an old idea that started the hamster wheel in my head spinning. About a year ago I decided to try and design some t-shirts. There used to be a stupidtom store on café press but I sold a bunch of junk and they never paid me so it salted that field for a while. Anyway, I found a new site and the things I was thinking about made me laugh but most of them are not my stuff. So my idea is to print shirts with my own words on them and that’s where you come in…

If you have a favorite stupidtom line, phrase, or saying leave me a comment and tell me what it is. I type so much nonsense on this thing that I can barely remember the login information. If you are philosophically opposed to commenting then click the little mail icon above the title and email me your thoughts.

I want to create some stupidtom swag not to promote the site but filled with pithy wearable smartassery for all including myself to buy. So let me know what you think. NOT about the idea because I’m doing it if you like it or not but any stupidity that sticks out. Thank you in advance for any help.

And before you get any ideas about getting in on the ground floor of a clothing empire if I did my cyphering correctly I won’t be make a dollar a shirt but the shit should still be entertaining.

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