still doing some digital light straightening

I had some trouble with a couple of my online accounts. Some things I thought were canceled that weren’t and some internet superpowers that were giving me trouble by confusing my stuff between multiple accounts. I have been trimming out the stuff I don’t really use for a while like SnapChat (I know 3 total people who use it on the regular that are not children or celebrities) and Instagram (turns out I am not a huge selfie fan) but yesterday Google+ had to go. There was some crossing of loosely guarded borders and it is time to build a wall. (way to go Captain Topical!)

I am talking about keeping the stupidtom separated from the reallifetom. My other google identity is my name and while I’m not in hiding, I just don’t feel like writing under said same real name. There is some crossover but the folks who know about this in real life are for the most part trusted individuals. They realize that nothing on these pages is meant to be taken too seriously nor should it be discussed out in the open amongst those not in the know. I’ve had some troubles over the years with the easily butt-hurt and it caused me to delete some posts and even shut the thing down more than once. But this is something I love to do so its back up and running. The last hiatus was conducted by watching the hit stats on a placeholder page. When that hit zero for the third straight month I figured it was safe to fire up again and here we are.

“But why not just change the name of the site and keep going? Because my domain name RULES and I’ve had it since you could buy one and because SHUT UP.”

Not that any of this stuff is really controversial or extreme by any measure (I have “friends” who make my skin crawl with their Facebook posts) I just don’t feel like talking about it all the time. This works best when I’m writing it just for me and when I interact with others about it I cant help but play to the last audience member in my ear. Simple as that. And speaking of Facebook I have reactivated the stupidtom page or as I used to call it The Sniper’s Nest. When I first made the account I used it to take shots at people and things from a relatively safe distance. the book face has evolved a lot since then but since it is so old I think their delete algorithms just ignore first name stupid last name tom. It is linked by the all seeing lowercase f at the top of the page. Friend me. I be social.

And finally some digital breadcrumbs that made me laugh and or cringe.

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