good morning neighbor

I am in a shitastic mood this morning and am deeply contemplating a reset. If you get back what you put out in the world I must have been sleep walking and killed someone then took a steaming dump on the body. Sorry about that imagery but even my sleepwalking self would have a serial killer signature. Anyway, having one of those mornings that some would call waking up on the wrong side of the bed. If by wrong side they mean an animal sleeping there and as you avoid stepping on it so you don’t have to pay for yet another vet visit you skid on a hairball pile then yes, by definition, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. But is it the wrong side if its your side or do you live in the wrong place? Something to think about…

I was out at the garbage can as little while ago as none of my children have quite grasped the concept of a full receptacle requiring action on their part when I ran into my neighbor. Not really ran into him as that would leave him on his back and would have significantly brightened my day. More like had to say hello because we made eye contact while he was standing on his deck. There is history here but nothing significant. I wasn’t really paying attention but something was said about the fence between our yards. When I looked up from my human trash compacting he must have noticed a look he’d seen before (like the time he complained about my row of bushes growing through said same fence and I took them all to the ground with a sawsall) because his was the face of a man who instantly regretted the words that just left his mouth.

“Lets take this whole fucker out. I’m on vacation and don’t have anything penciled in for a couple hours how hard could it be?”

No, that’s not what [cuts him off] “okay then, good talk.”

I am in fact on vacation but he’s lucky I’m heading to the lake or else I might just uproot a fence for fun. I know it might seem strange except for the fact that he has paid for none of his fencing. Wait, I’ll go take a picture…


Its probably a little hard to tell but you have our rickety old chain link side connecting to the back neighbors scalloped wood fence connecting to the black chain link on the far neighbor. So all he is bringing to this fence party is a couple of gates. Plus he is the one who really NEEDS the containment as they are the proud owners of a blind beagle. The white ball of fur that lives with us cannot be contained by fencing alone so she goes out on a leash when not in the other side of the house dog litter box. Its a classy setup.

Thoughts of loosening up the every third concreted in post then hooking the whole shitshow up to a car has really turned this day around. Sometimes writing in this thing works like its supposed to. I think I’m going to go out and lean a shovel against it just to elevate the tension a bit.


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