Holy Hanna buckle up

I am currently wearing my metaphoric five point racing harness as things around the estate are getting bumpy. The thirteen year old dog that is everyone’s runaway favorite pet in our small herd is nearing the end and emotions are everywhere. He has been slowly circling the drain for a while now but a recently discovered massive tumor plus his obvious to everyone discomfort has put a stopwatch on the inevitable. It probably won’t happen this week as I will be at the lake but soon. This one is going to hit me a little harder than I care to admit. I will stop writing about it now.

I’ve had golf on in the background all afternoon and I got excited when they said Jimmie Walker was leading. Turns out it is not the one that I am a long time loyal fan of just some golfer dude with a famous name. Why doesn’t anyone scream DYN-O-MITE after he hits every time? Missed entertainment opportunities are the reason this game is in decline. And yes Doug this is a game not a sport under your rules. If someone was playing defense they would have my full attention.

I am locked away in my office as much to avoid the overall malaise as to try and prevent myself from obsessing over the outcome. This is where I need someone way smarter than I am to invent incremental time travel. Like the button that skips commercials on my DVR just a quick skip to let the bad thing pass. OR someone of average intelligence from the future to travel back and hand me a clicker. Before you get all philosophical about needing the bad to appreciate the good blah blah blah bullshit. I already blast through the bad on TV and I am a better viewer for it.

uh oh, I think I hear crying from the main house, where is that damn helmet…

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