I’m up at the lake getting things done and if that wasn’t enough of a vacation I decided to bring 6 sixteen year old boys along. We’ve only been here for ten hours and I’m already exhausted. They just left on a bike ride so there is some blessed peace.

I’m sequestered in the master  bedroom by choice but it’s really not that bad. They are just having fun but as the only adult I am on overwatch. Luckily they are only here until Thursday morning when my wife will come and drive them home. This should allow me some time to prepare for my friends this weekend. Okay nap and take a fist full of liver pills as DEFENSE is the name of the game at my age.

I don’t mean liver pills like oldie timey liver extract pills I am talking about something I found at GNC. Liver support pills… most likely complete bullshit but I’ll try most things once. Plus my liver is a complete asshole that deserves everything I dish out but why risk turning yellow before it’s completely necessary.

I gotta go, they are now playing what sounds like combat spoons.

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