Our lake place is located in the land of people who don’t really want to work that much or more accurately when ever they feel like it. If we ever move up here full time I will open a cleaning service, a handyman service, and a couple other normal money making ventures all with a success strategy built on calling our customers back and getting the work done. That might seem like an extremely simple business model but up in these parts I will become a kingpin. I have lost my mind more than once on the phone today and its partially because I am keeping my true feelings bottled up as I try and get some work scheduled.

I was asked by one of these hard charging entrepreneurs if I or anyone in my family was disabled. This led me to believe that an appointment would be rushed if only that were true. To be honest I contemplated the easy lie but who needs that kind of Karmic boomerang out there in the universe? I just settled for them possibly fitting me in this week sometime. Any idea what time or day or anything? nope. super.

I need to get in the water but first I have to run to the store. The boys plowed through a weeks worth of groceries in a little over a day. I don’t really blame them as that is the stage of life they are going through but a pain in the nuts is a pain in the nuts. Plus they have been playing some catch off the dock game for hours. Hold please, I will show you…

In the spirit of anonymity I have taken this from a disguising distance and time lapsed it but you get the gist.

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