Great show

Its like I invited Cirque du Coleil (I’m not a complete moron the town is called Coloma so I screwed with Soleil. That was not funny at all and I am well over the legal typing limit. sorry) to  come and perform for my friends. The dude climbed up a dead tree and chopped the mutha down. We knew it was dead but not how dead until they began knocking on the thing. One of his workers jokingly punched the trunk and his fist went in… yikes. My tree whisperer said something about the cambium layer being the only thing holding the big thing up. Once he turned it into the giant slingshot you will shortly see he swung over and trimmed up the other tree. Like a spider monkey on ropes. It was a beautiful thing to behold plus he showed up promptly at 8:30am much to my aching heads chagrin. anyway, I just posted a quick time-lapse for the hell of it. I need to stop doing this now and get back to punishing my liver.

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