What do you do?

Yesterday was a blur like only the last day of a vacation can be and writing didn’t even cross my severely dehydrated brain. We cleaned the house to the best of our abilities but not quite up to the standards set by the lady of the house so I waited for her to show up and tell me what to do-over. Once that was done I attempted to hang the hammock to the deck as we are now one giant tree short but that ended in minor tragedy. I used a sub par hook and just as I was relaxing in my test recline it gave way sending me on a three foot ride that slammed my jaw shut and jarred my spine from the tailbone up. A hammock injury. Holy crap I am old. But the injury allowed me to be dismissed as there was a heretofore unmentioned dinner planned with her coworker slash renter for the week. Someone was watching out for me by slamming me into the earth. My Karma realigned as an accident added an hour to my trip home and by the time I got here I was toast.

I get asked every year what sixteen fathers do at the lake for an entire weekend so I thought I would show you.


I was in the middle of the swimming cloud of drinkers.


This is the view of the other half. We added a second floating cooler this year thus stretching the playing field.


There was a little of this but notice I am the one floating to shag missed catches. Some people golf while others sleep and we all make poor eating and drinking decisions. All in all a close to perfect weekend.

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