regular TV is no longer built for me

I think I have evolved past regular television and not in an I’m better than anyone who still watches it kind of way it just doesn’t work for me anymore. It costs a pile of monthly cash and is designed for channel surfing which now officially annoys yours truly. The Olympics have been a welcome distraction but that’s only because I can screw around on my tablet during the parts that bore me. They need to do a better job of cutting out the unnecessary. Football has figured it out with my beloved Red Zone and those same geniuses should be set upon the Olympic challenge. They actually have more to work with considering all of the sports that get no network love. Poor performance montages would grab my attention firmly around its neck. I could care less about facial reactions to the announcement of scores or immediate interviews with out of breath athletes. NEXT!

So back to the TV thing. I am not just including regular network shows either as some commercials are more entertaining than the programming. I am also talking about serialized no commercial cable offerings. I can safely say that I could miss an entire season of something if I will be able to binge watch it on my time at my pace. I am currently doing it with a number of shows I used to wait for each week. I just don’t care. And if people are talking about it that doesn’t bother either because by the time I get around to watching it all in a row I will be locked in to the story oblivious to something I heard in passing months ago. The only one that will be tough is Game of Thrones. I am a geek for that whole series and now that the show might finish up for the books (back up if you are thinking about starting some sort of fan battle here as George R.R. told the HBO writers what he was thinking in case he dies) I still faithfully watch that every week when its on. But luckily HBO GO is only $15 a month when they fire that back up next summer.

As for the other stuff like the Superbowl and important news type garbage I am seriously considering an old school antenna on the house. The HD is better than cable or satellite because the signal is uncompressed and I wouldn’t have the ass pain with the weather knocking me out. Or if I did it definitely wouldn’t hurt as much being free and all… And by the way there are now multiple ways for me to get the NFL Network and Red Zone over the internets. I am kicking this around as I am on hold with the morons at my current provider. While I have been typing to you I have been mumbling about a fake letter to the Better Business Bureau and the FCC mumbling things about me being disabled and on a fixed income because I know they record even while you are on hold. (this might also explain the current post being more disjointed than normal…) Hopefully I trigger enough hot buttons that the robot analytic watchers flag it for delicate handling and special treatment. I realize this will do nothing but it makes me feel better.

I could just take the antenna from the haunted hoarder house next door except it sold today and the rehabbers are already crawling all over it. If it wasn’t raining right now I would be milling around pretending to fix something with the hope that they would ask me for some input. If nothing else they have to make a run at the exterior and landscape if they have any prayer at making a profit. Really any care at all will be an improvement so I couldn’t be happier.

I just wondered aloud if I could sue for breach of contract and the phone is ringing. Coincidence?


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