Well, I’m waiting

I failed to mention that the wife and I are on a pair of business trips together. She picked a continuing education conference in the city that my company headquarters calls home so it worked out. Right now I am waiting for her to get back to the hotel to decide on a dinner location.

It looks like I picked the wrong time to curb my weekday drinking but in other news I am reminded of the benefits city living has to offer. I took a picture of that glass because my not so swift server did not understand my ramblings about Danger technically being the last name. I answered my own question by looking up the complete company name but her lack of engagement annoys.

My wife had better show up soon as I am now drinking at a concerning pace for no apparent reason. Could be having a dummy for a server or I could just love beer. Waitress had better tread carefully as I am inches from asking if she’s wearing a wig or just has a bad die job. Neither of which should be asked of a lady in polite conversation but bored annoyed Tom is dangerous Tom.


Ignore the blurred hands as that is her normal mode of speech. I need to get some food now. Luckily one of my work friends has showed up and is fully engaged in conference talk so I can type with impunity. Holy shitsticks I’m hungry.

***woe is me, I ate fire in plant form for dinner. food should never attack back once it has landed on a plate.

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