I thought I had more

First up I had a disturbing conversation at dinner this evening about a subject never before discussed by yours truly. I was eating alone at the bar and there were a couple other business types doing the same. I got pretty locked in to reading on my phone so I wasn’t paying full attention to my surroundings but somehow I got the feeling that I had been asked a question. Thinking it was the bartender checking in I looked up and the dude to my right asked what I thought. About what? I asked and his answer err question threw me for a loop. So confused was I that I didn’t really comprehend. He said something about grooming and male plastic surgery.

Since this was no one I knew I tried to punch out of the conversation gracefully by offering no opinion. He pressed and it turned out that the dude to his right was the other participant. I said I really had no opinion on male grooming much like the wild grizzly bear I don’t spend much time contemplating my exterior but if I did I would probably punch myself in the face. And as for dude cosmetic surgery I think it should be reserved for birth defects, car accidents, and gender do-overs. Most fellas that go under he knife develop a bit of a Lady Face from my experience.

He countered by asking about my beard and pointing out that I groomed my face. Good point, I grow this thing to avoid the twin blue shadows on either side of my mouth by early afternoon. He was right, I’ve had facial hair since college because I’m not a huge fan of shaving so a touchup in the afternoon is out of the question. It’s worse now because I read that the hipster beard is going away only to be replaced by short cropped styles like the one I usually wear. This annoyed me as I am on the cutting edge of little if I can help it so I’m growing mine out. It is currently in a stage I like to call early homeless. I’ll post a picture once it gets good and funny looking.

I had to punch out of the conversation by saying the ever polite “I’m through talking to you now.”

I am a tired individual. These week long trainings kick the life out of me and I will be happy to head home tomorrow night. I’m a little over an hour from the lake house and have to drive right past on my way home. I wonder how creeped out the renter’s would be if I stopped by and swam for a little bit before driving the rest of the way home. Something to consider.

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