I realize that I can be a bit of a stubborn ass. No debate from yours truly on that point but this little event is not due to a normal obstinate over-correction. We (I use the term we as if anyone else in my house gave a crap about the television service) have officially become cord cutters. There were a butt-ton of reasons that all boiled down to us paying for something we barely used and were not happy with. So I was all prepared to purchase and install an over the air antenna (known in the community as OTA) when I stumbled across a deal that got one tuned and installed for just a little more money. (This would probably be frowned upon by my fellow frugal cable cutters but tough shit, it’s my cash) This nice gentleman is mid assembly.


Something that undoubtedly would have cause me angst he finished in record time.


The wife is going to have to get used to the aerial on the roof but the ugly dish will go away tomorrow so its more of a substitution when you think about iit. Plus, as you can see by my expert photography, it lines up perfectly with my neighbors lightning catchers making us a cohesive unit at least by outward appearance. I’ll write more on this later but its football season and I need to make sure the deck is completely clear before heading to the game.

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