more TV bore

I want to finish my thoughts on the move away from cable or come as close as I can without boring myself and giving up. We left our story with an old-is-new-again antenna on my roof. For those who think it looks like time travel back to the sixties you are correct but it is completely age appropriate for my house. There are other solutions that arguably work as well like antennas mounted in the attic, newer designs that are more low profile, small individual units mounted indoors at each TV, etc. This thing made the most sense for me and delivers almost everything I want PLUS once this rain stops I can remove the satellite dish from my roof which did look dumb.

When I say almost I am specifically speaking about my beloved NFL Red Zone channel. Watching football on Sundays ADD Style is something I really enjoy and I have found a solution but it is brought to me by the same company I just fired for providing shitty service. SlingTV is owned by Dishnetwork and they offer a package for $30 a month that will give me what I want plus a bunch of crap I don’t. I will play it through the Apple TV but will also be able to watch on any device which my family will like. The trouble is I will still be manipulated by these pricks. To get the Red Zone you need to first buy a package for $25 that includes the NFL Network. Then you can add on Red Zone for an additional $5 per month. But WAIT, once you pick one package, they call it Sling Orange for $20 and Sling Blue for $25, you lose the channels for the other so you might as well just chose the Orange + Blue for $40 and then start adding other things on. For example: ESPN is on one package and the NFL Network is on another. Dicks. I get it, they are in business to make money and they have to do these things to survive as people move away from them toward other entertainment but I really think the company that is going to thrive will figure out how to charge for individual channels. Stupidtom’s Cafeteria Content Company is just an idea but a sound one by my unqualified individual assessment.

By the way my other missing item will be Game of Thrones but it looks like I’ve got a year to figure that out and HBOnow is only $15 a month so that problem is easily solved.

Holy horse hockey I have been blathering on. The point I wanted to make was that this has been hard because I have been tied to some inner idea that canceling all of this crap would somehow make me less than. I know its stupid but there were some very real parts of me fighting to retain the comforts of every channel known to man. I make decent money, why can’t I have the best that they offer? And another part of me felt like I was letting everyone else who lived here down by providing a lowered living standard when none of them gave a rip what was available on the TV. I was paying more than a hundred dollars a month for background noise and vanity. That one slapped me right in the self perception.

Okay, I’m boring myself now but I think you get the idea. I am NOT becoming one of these cord cutting evangelists. I love video entertainment of all kinds and if you have the gold elite package that gets you everything MORE POWER TO YOU. This is just what works for me right now and there is nothing preventing a move back to cable if I just can’t take it. The one thing that made me smile was it is currently raining like a mutha outside and the TV works fine.


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