Sunday notsofunday

Sunday was a bit bumpy as my friend George had a couple people over to celebrate his temporary bachelorhood the night before. It started out with a stunning sunset

and got better as people showed up. The problem was a correlation between good conversation and overall beer consumption. Completely my fault but over-served none the less. Then I awoke to a hot and muggy Sunday filled with to do list items. I climbed up on the roof to cut a couple pesky branches that were touching the house from the sorting hat pine tree. Then I tried for an hour to take the dish off of my roof but incorrect tools plus molten hot shingles forced me to give up. I had towels down all over my work area and two of them had to be disposed of in secret lest I get in trouble for tar related ruination.

While I was up there I looked over at the former hoarder house and noticed a disturbing roof development

For some reason there is a block of some kind that looks to be plugging a hole. That thing didn’t jump up there by itself so I am really interested in the final restoration projectif that is her contractors idea of a weather barrier. In related news the woman who won the bidding war is reportedly going to live in the thing when it’s complete. Probably a good idea as she is not replacing the drywall, windows, or siding. The last time I was in it things still smelled like an old school bar where smoking was allowed if dead rodents were the exclusive clientele. I have yet to meet her but I am picturing one solid broad.

I also have an imaginary voice for her and it sounds permanently stuffed up as no one with a functioning sense of smell could survive long in that environment. I’ve got to go as this is a tense week. Out of town delivering a new class for the first time. Diamond pinching time.

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