Labor Day randomness

This has been an insanely productive holiday in spite of some poor decision making last night. I did make a game changing choice when I left at the same time as my bride. The minor headache I was experiencing at dawn was completely cured by the time she got back from yoga and it was time to get stuff done. Some of my friends have developed a new love for Fireball whisky and I do not share their enthusiasm. The one thing I will say is the middle of the night hot burps are refreshing as well as annoying. At one point I thought I had swallowed a molten wad of Dentyne.

And speaking of being productive (the segue King does not take the holidays off) I have a new productivity toy brought to me by the good folks at AIRLINE MILEAGE PROGRAMS ARE A COMPLETE SCAM SO I MIGHT AS WELL USE THEM FOR THINGS I WANT. I will not use this post to complain about the miles to redemption cost factor, or the blackout dates, or the fact that the last three times I tried to use miles to fly my family I have either been denied or they wanted my entire balance plus money to get it done. (so much for not complaining) All of these things chap my ass and I don’t want to roll down that hill right now. The point is I am now the proud owner of the big iPad Pro.

I have some creative challenges for myself now that it is in my possession one of which is to complete a drawing a week. I will share these if I can climb out of my own head long enough to not hate what I create. Remember, I am the same person who leaves words in place once they are typed or risk editing most posts out of existence, so that is the person you are dealing with on these pages. There are some other things in the works as well not the least of which is an attempt to use this as my sole road machine. I will post more about it as I learn to live with the big lug but for now I am coming to you live from my lap. (crap, phrasing. I really need to watch that.)

And finally the internet impressed me this afternoon with this solid sibling work brought to me and now to you from the great people at distractify. I downloaded the recipes because the writing rules. Enjoy and Happy Labor Day!

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