It vexes me

Update: the now uncovered flipper next door fired her homeless landscaper and hired a lunar scaping company. The good news is she will have to plant something before selling. The bad news is minus the overgrowth flaws are everywhere.

Her contractor tried to bend the corner siding back in place but I’m not sure that’s the right way to make sure your house keeps the weather out. This is the same business woman who only fixed the roof after finding the hole sealed by a concrete block. The brick facade hates that house so much it’s trying to sneak over to ours. They trimmed a lot from the back as well leaving a nice line of privacy weed  trees like they were reading my mind. The poor neighbor behind them has been living a scene from Willard. He finally called an exterminater and the guy caught a quick dozen mice. First time I have been truly thankful for the cats that live here.

Final note is I also learned that she is on a strict three week time line for this flip. So by my cyphering I am a week away from wandering around an open house. This is exciting stuff.

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