The house next door now has a big red sticker on the front door because one of my rat neighbors called the city.

I happened to see him on a return trip to my desk. I would know that fancy little inspector vehicle anywhere. After he sat there for a while I took this picture but he soon left the car once he realized that no one would be showing up at thee job today and put a red sticker on the front door. My wife is inadvertently responsible for the call as the dude experiencing the plague of displaced rodents was talking with her when she wondered out loud where the permit stickers were… That was last night. The only reason she asked is she hated every second “the ugly things” were displayed on the front of our house and she just assumed that everyone had to go through that torture.

Probably a good thing she’s a flipper or else I would have to take up a preemptive defensive posture just in case the the finger of blame pointed my way. (who am I kidding? I’ve already thought of three things I could do to really screw up this remodel and some of them would be spectacular. Plausible deniability prevents further details.) And as I am no rat I would just take on the fight  thus rendering my home completely surrounded by enemies.

This would be the perfect time to finally make my horizontal FU pinwheel. it’s basically a bunch of pictures of my middle finger… lazily spinning around a wind driven device letting all points on the compass know exactly how I feel. Moving this idea up to a front burner just in case.

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