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There was a lot going on over the weekend and I just needed a break from writing this nonsense. I struggle with this thing from time to time especially when it feels like a chore. So my new personal rule will be to stop forcing it and write only when something needs writing. I will still attempt to post every day but if I got nothing, then nothing it will be. Plus, technology was bothering me to no end but I will address that momentarily. Friday night was perfect.

One of my favorite things is the football team heading to the field behind the drum line. Followed by a great game where my child went against the best player he will ever face and held his own but more importantly the team got a win. Then it was back to the house where the internet decided to start acting up.

I noted this like it was a minor bump in the road but when the technology fails in my house it all falls on me. In this case the problems were all of my making. I am constantly “improving” our home network and one of my over complicated modifications failed. Specifically one port on one network switch went bad but that took me two and a half hours to diagnose. Saturday morning I cobbled together a quick patch but the wife and I were headed out of town with friends so that was more of a wallet preservation move than anything else. Given no home wifi my children will just consume costly cell phone data at will so I needed to do something.

Later that night I drunk-ordered the replacement switch as an Amazon Prime same day on Sunday delivery demonstration and once we got back everything was back up as it should be. This was just in time to watch the trial period of Playstation Vue and the NFL Redzone. The service worked as advertised but I don’t think we are going to continue. We watched it for a grand total of two hours off and on which made almost no sense. At some point in the dead of winter I might try something else but right now it doesn’t work for us. There is a part of me that feels like I’m missing out but that is only when I have nothing to do and would normally sit down on the couch and start flipping channels. More often than not I would have another device in hand for when the big screen bored me so I am really just eliminating one piece of the puzzle for now.

I am also toying with using that $45 to bump our internet to ludicrous speed. Not the gigabit fiber of my dreams but double what wee currently have so a marked improvement. I need o get on a call but I have to cut this short as I need to phone my electrical utility. They send out this pithy little letter detailing my energy usage compared to that of my neighbors and its really beginning to piss me off. I don’t understand why they feel it necessary to point out that me working at home in an office with separate electric heating and cooling plus a family of four other heavy electric users is more than some of the people around me. Most of my neighbors are either working all day so presumably using little electricity at home or they are elderly which means they are conservative by nature. I on the other hand spend half my life following behind a woman that turns every light on in her path as the darkness makes her sad powering down said same. I’m not complaining about the circumstance just the assholes who sell me the power reminding me about it as if the bill weren’t reminder enough.

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