Q & A

I get asked questions about this thing from time to time and if they are good I take note. While purging some notes from my phone I came across a couple that deserve an answer. Also I should set the stage by telling you at least one of the questions came from before the recent great follower purge slash hiatus. So there’s that. Anyhow, on with the Q-ing and A-ing… (never writing that ever again.)

Question: Why no talking about stupidtom.com?

Answer: Its not that I hate speaking about what I write it is more an aversion to explaining the whole concept. Inner turmoil abounds around the fact that I write an online journal of sorts and when people bring it up we are usually in the company of those not in the know. This leads to the polite but awkward questions like, “what is it about?” and “why?”. Both are valid but I don’t really have a good answer. Then the person what opened their big mouth tries to fill the tension with some weird summing up of the page ending with it being funny. I don’t sit down to write funny every day so that is probably the worst part. So to answer that question Because I don’t know how to talk about it.

Question: Why do you pay to have your own domain name?

Answer: This one is easy and its because I am an idiot. I was around for the initial sale of internet addresses and it was a time where people were getting rich by scooping up hundreds of names that they thought they could sell. I just wanted one of my own not an investment but everything was taken. Then one day I typed in stupidtom.com and it was available. So for roughly eight dollars a year for the past fourteen years I have been the not so proud owner of this minuscule internet chunk. So the real answer is Because I am an easily entertained simpleton with narcissistic tendencies.

Question: How does the site make money?

Answer: It doesn’t. I have tried a bunch of things over the years but most of them boil down to promoting your stuff all over everywhere and that’s just not me. I view this as a cheap diversion with the current yearly outlay at under twenty dollars. I have spent more in the past but that was when my numbers were twenty times the daily visitors I currently enjoy and I thought the extra investment would help me. nope.

Question: How much time per day do you spend keeping this up?

Answer: Under a half hour unless I’m moving hosts or changing the look or some other behind the scenes asspain most of which is my own fault. I get bored and I change things. Then stuff goes sideways so I have to fix it. Wash, rinse, repeat. But not always due to boredom as something not working like its supposed to will trigger a change much like my current host. Lately I’ve been getting notices that my site keeps going down at random. This behavior will not be allowed to stand so I am currently looking for a new host and that is some boring ass shopping.

Question: Why don’t you write about a specific topic or segment then your audience will grow?

Answer: Because I don’t want to. I have always toyed with the idea of being a tech writer as it is one of my driving interests but trying to make this a topic specific site makes me uncomfortable. No real good reason other than I would first have to establish myself as an expert in the field then begin writing about it on the regular. This just seems like work and I already have a job that I love keeping more than busy. Plus, growing my audience has caused me nothing but headaches in the past so no thanks.

and finally one last one…

Question: Why don’t you write about your family by name?

Answer: They didn’t ask for any of this. In fact the whole thing started out as a way for my kids to have another view into their father and it still remains that to this day. My wife hates this thing as she is incorrectly convinced that it is a place for me to air family business and complain about her. She hasn’t read a word that she will admit. My children are all incredibly talented individuals who are welcome to write their own stuff especially on the subject of how I screwed them up but that is not my job. They are all in different stages of seeking adulthood as I desperately cling to my youth so anything I write about them would be unfairly slanted in my direction. Not to mention it’s a relationship Dick Move.


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