The television experiment is still new but so far so good. There are some things I miss like a DVR and ESPN  but for the most part I’m all good. Once the weather finally hits I might be singing a different tune but right now it doesn’t feel like giving anything up and I have yet to start binge watching on the Netflix or the Amazons (both of which I paid for in addition to satellite before this whole change because, college.)  so I’ve got that going for me this winter.

The only one with even a little trouble is the wife as she is losing her constant Law and Order background soundtrack. It is my contention that every time you watch one of those you bruise a little piece of your soul. There is a station that broadcasts over the air nonstop crime shows but luckily it is an affiliate of the weakest signaled station in Chicago so reception is spotty at best. She hates when any technology doesn’t work perfectly  so intermittent signal quality cannot be allowed to stand.

The girls both wanted to watch American Horror Story so I picked up a season pass on the iTunes and now they can watch at will on whatever tiny screen they choose. Since my obsessive compulsive Speedway patronage yields piles of points I turn them in to Apple pretend money and buy digital nonsense for me and my family. I even turned in some hotel awards for iMoney as I now officially hate all travel reward programs.

Anyway I started to write this as a way to explain my two season television show theory but since most of you are my real life friends you have heard it so no need to bore anymore. To sum up for those not in the know I feel like most writers have a solid two seasons planned for any show then year three it begins to go sideways. This has proven itself over time with few exceptions statistically speaking.

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