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I am spinning today for no real discernible (crap, that doesn’t seem like I spelled it right but there is no red squiggle underneath so I am going with it.) reason. There is just a strange feeling about and I can’t put my finger on it. Could be the weather is a little wonky and has moved up the football Friday night start time by an hour and a half or it could be that every other human I interact with today has some kind of deficiency. By deficiency I mean either attitudinal or mental. I spoke to a representative from my internet service provider and asked to be transferred to someone capable of interacting with another human being not just a script reader.

She wasn’t happy about my request but after three attempts at changing my now set in stone mind I was connected with a lovely young man who not only listened to but completely understood every word I said. He and I came to an agreement in less time than it took my first person to read through her up-sell scripts. Like I said earlier I am on an every other person roller coaster.

In keeping with this pattern I will be seeking out a shitty interaction before this evenings sporting event to increase the odds of a favorable outcome. (if it seems like I am burping up a thesaurus today I have just started reading a book that is a couple levels above my current recommended comprehension level so please bear with me) I will start the required dust-up with the ticket taker if necessary because this is an away game and that lowers my risk of running in to them elsewhere.

This was all just me dodging the real reason I am out of sorts. Nemo, the oldest pet in the herd, is experiencing his last days and it makes me sad. I am not a fan of pets in general for a large number of reasons the biggest of which is they eventually die. His back legs aren’t working all the time and he cries sometimes for no visible reason. He is still eating and has bursts of his old self but the countdown clock is speeding up and I worry about the shock-wave its going to send through the family. I need to shake this shit off right now becasue writing about it didn’t help and I have a call in two minutes.

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