next door

Well my narc neighbor should be happy as he ground the progress on the hoarder house to a screeching halt. I am not so thrilled but my house was also not overrun by a plague of rodents. The Village (I know it’s stupid but I’ve explained it before, that’s what my town is officially called, deal with it) has stopped all work until proper permits are processed. This means that they need drawings and other various ass pains before they can get back to improving. That didn’t stop the General Contractor from being summoned to the site by the flipper and her daughter. Poor dude had to work half a Saturday in the backyard with the two of them. I pulled up a chair and watched for a while. It was good stuff.

An hour was spent shoveling off and defining the back patio slab. No idea why but apparently it had to be done. I’ll show you a picture in a minute but roughly fifteen man hours resulted in approximately zero progress. The daughter was a complete non factor. She needed help rolling the incorrectly filled recycle bin. This is good news for me as I am the garbage guys number one enemy on this block. A new troublemaker will take some heat off of yours truly.


  1. I had no idea there were security lights or illumination of any kind back there in the thirteen years we have lived next door.
  2. I do love me the old school premium clothesline built in to the house. We had a matching one on ours until I took a pry-bar to it.
  3. That lovely above ground Frankenstein assembly of pipe is the sump pump eject which I have never heard and or scene before this point.
  4. I’m sure the neighbor two doors down is happy I can see the once secluded side of her house. Barbecue with your head on a swivel neighbor as my own grill faces your direction.

Like I said, the slowdown isn’t thrilling me because this is my new view reality. Hopefully they get through the red tape and back to work. I’d like to see what they are planning on doing to trick someone into buying that house.

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