I would like to propose a click bait penalty to the ruling gods of the interwebs. The practice of sensationalizing everything has gone beyond funny – right past cute – slamming into annoying. From what I can tell it’s everywhere. I watch a lot of YouTube and even some of the best content producers have started looking for the most provocative thumbnail picture and controversial title in order to secure more eyeballs which means more dollars. I’m just looking for some checks and balances. Maybe a voting system where a large number of clicks on the [COMPLETE BULLSHIT] button would cause annoying things to happen to your account? It would have to be setup by folks much smarter than I but removing the money earned from the nonsense seems like it would curb the behavior significantly. This would also remove the pressure from otherwise great content providers to come up with the most click-worthy title and or picture. I’m just sayin…

I realize that they are not the first nor will they be the last to practice this garbage. I think as soon as man began selling stuff back and forth hyperbole was born. Newspapers took things to a new level and it has been rolling down a hill ever since. Network news is the worst and that’s probably why I have such a hard time watching it. (unless it’s in a small market then it counts as pure entertainment. don’t judge me.) The promos and teasers promise so much and deliver nothing of substance. Even when they are on the scene of something important they are just hunting the crowd for the biggest idiot to get on camera. It’s like every channel is looking for the next Sweet Brown. If you don’t remember here she is…

By the way getting up for a cold pop is my personal favorite part of this report but the fact I know about it proves the point. Chicago’s murder rate is ridiculous and don’t just take my word for it head over to one of my favorite sites http://heyjackass.com. This should be national news every day but when it gets mentioned its quick and followed by nonsense. Maybe the same voting system could shock the news anchors on camera? I got me some time for ideas.

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