facial developmments

As a full 40% of my household is currently enrolled in grad school it gets a bit bumpy around here on assignment nights. That’s where smart people find somewhere to hide and read. I did so much of that last night that my eyes hurt so like an idiot I decided to look at the face book for a while before attempting sleep. I was rewarded for my efforts… Some of my “friends” have lost their minds.

There are a dozen or so that have gone well past drawing lines in the sand to digging full on WWI battle trenches on either side of the current political situation. Like ALL CAPS YELLING at one another. And the shots back and forth are neither mean nor funny which equals zero entertainment value for yours truly. I even went as far as sending a direct message to a guy I went to college with asking if he really cared that much. I didn’t get a response yet probably because I ended it with “if you are kidding you are a genus and I am a huge fan! If not, sorry. go your side.”

A new feature now groups the sharers into the same window preventing multiple versions of the same wisdom pearl from being dropped all over the post-o-sphere. Now when I ignore something that someone else made it lists all of the people who thought it was great helping me accurately assess taste levels. These are mostly my handguns rule peeps. They like videos of shooting and people talking about guns. They also lean toward the conspiratorial so I make special mental notes on them. I just like to know who I should be messing with in real life if at all possible.

The ads are horrible and I think there might even be more of them but I did steal a meme thing

*editors note: No idea what happened here but the link is disappeared. sorry.

If you are the creator of this I apologize and I would love to give you credit but I can’t figure out who you are. The person who shared it on Facebook is a complete dope so I know that is a dead end but if you have stumbled on this site while searching for copies of your work just send me an email because credit is due. The picture is okay but your words made me very happy.

I lost the point of this but I do remember getting frustrated after fifteen minutes of searching. I only found one posting that let me look around the home of an old friend. I did have one idea that sparked this whole thing. I want to have a party where Facebook is projected on the wall all night and people try to tell the real story behind random posts. I’m still fleshing this out (I just looked that up as it seemed wrong after I typed it. weird.) but I’m thinking about votes for best story and somehow making it a drinking game. This one goes on the under development list.

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