Thanks doc

I think the wheels might have come off of medical research. I just watched a Kybella commercial which is some kind of shots for under chin fat. As if this were a problem so severe that people will line up to take the round out of their faces. Did I sleep through the day we cured every cancer and all other terrible disease? 

I completely get boner pills. Old dudes who can’t get it up statistically have more money than the young with adequate blood flow to their junk. There is still a part of me that thinks hard-on tabs were stumbled upon in the midst of looking for something of higher importance like male pattern baldness. They were surveying the test group and while they weren’t growing more hair they complained about near constant kickstands.

Back to the chin fat thing I will be on the lookout for thinner looking acquaintances with uneven smiles. That warning made me laugh. ‘Wow, have you lost weight? And was it a result of your massive stroke?” So good, and I think I heard trouble swallowing as well. 

I haven’t looked forward to a treatment so much since folks began freezing their faces with Botulism. I’ve only come across one real live person wearing a rubber mask of their own face but it was everything I dreamed it would be. I kept trying to say extremes and raising my own eyebrows to trigger the subconsious human response of mirroring. Man I am easily entertained.

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