North Korea Rules!

Few things worse than your last call on a Friday asking for “twenty minutes or so.” No real idea when this is going to happen so I figured I’d kill some time. I have a news item from the week that is stuck in my head and I’ve been meaning to mention it. North Korea’s version of the internet which just means all the people are allowed to see consists of 28 total sites. Holy H.R. Puff-n-Stuff that place is interesting. No wonder Supreme Glorious Leader or whatever the latest Kim Jong calls himself keeps his people so poor. If they ever had more than a days worth of food on hand some of them might start to do some dangerous thinking. Man that entire situation is entertaining… from way over here… safe and sound in the country I was lucky enough to be born in… warts and all.

I am shamelessly attempting to become the 29th allowed site with the title of this post. Probably only a few thousand total computers with internet in the whole country and maybe a thousand more capable phones but you could safely bet that they would hang on every single word I wrote every single day. I might even take on advertisers at that point. Maybe the CIA would like to try some subliminal stuff? I’m just spit-balling here but the possibilities boggle the mind.

And now that I’ve tickled the interest of our own internet overlords I just want to say what a fine system we currently have. I can’t get too patriotic here as I am still trying to secure the whole 29th site thing but ouyay etgay ymay iftdray.

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