I love me some Sundays. I have a routine and it starts with making breakfast while watching CBS Sunday morning. Usually while this is going on my wife is at some kind of hot yoga torture thing and the kids are asleep so its just me and the pets. While that’s going on I also check supplies of the stuff I am unofficially responsible for purchasing. Not that anyone else in my house is incapable of shopping as I have concrete evidence to the contrary but I buy the things that get “forgotten” because they are heavy, big, annoying to carry, you get the picture.

So I was on my bulk things and liquids run when I noticed a man on a payphone I don’t remember seeing before smoking a cigarette and shouting out a conversation. I must have stared long enough to set off some kind of privacy warning in his lizard brain because he wheeled around, well,  as much as the stainless steel cord would allow, and glared at me. I was still attempting to process a scene from my past when he turned his back to me and said into the phone “some asshole is trying to listen in on my conversation!” I heard it as clearly as if he were shouting at a concrete wall and the sound was bouncing directly into my ears cause that’s what was happening. then I started to get pissed…

Luckily I have been alive long enough to realize that I was in fact the one who was being rude. I was just caught up in the whole tableau and lost myself for a moment. Plus anyone who can’t afford a personal communication device deserves some privacy because I now know of only one such device in my entire sphere of existence. While I waited in the checkout line I tried to google the location of some more phones but the tools I could find gave spotty results at best none of them showing the one I just walked past. Then I mentally slapped myself for trying to look up payphone locations from my smart phone. Great, now I’m on some potential drug dealer watch list as well. One more piece for the resume.

As I left the store the dude was no longer on the phone and shopping carts now blocked the ancient communication device but I will be watching that box on a wall. Maybe it stuck in my head because I’m doing a little time traveling lately with the television situation at home. I am missing my beloved Red Zone but I’m noticing that the networks are trying their best to close the gap a bit. They will never cut out all commercials but they go out of their way to highlight scores around the league as they happen. Not the same but I can’t justify the services that are currently available. SlingTV just flat out sucks. I did their seven day trial and canceled it after two days. PlayStation Vue’s trial lasted three days but trouble with their technology on the devices I have made me punch out. I am waiting for someone who doesn’t make me pay for a bunch of crap I don’t need just to get to what I want. Until then it’s back to the seventies for this guy. And maybe the possible homeless dude on the payphone earlier.

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