Want to clear a room? Start talking politics. I don’t want to clear this room but the debate is making me crazy. I keep waiting for Chuck Barris to peek around the backdrop. Gongs should be going off and Gene Gene the Dancing Machine should be doing his thing. Lester Holt Is a poor substitute and has far less control than the old Gong Show.

Too bad this is on a Monday night because guess the pre determined catch phrase would make a great drinking game. I can’t stop staring at Donald Trump’s pink  eyes. The previous whites and the flesh around are the same. It’s fascinating.

And Hilary is the Emperor from Star Wars with lipstick, earrings, and no hood. If I had more time and a single ounce of energy I would draw it over her right now but I’ve got nothing left to give.

This stupid two party system has everyone convinced that their side is right so the other one must be wrong. It’s just not that clear cut. I’m currently watching an arguement between a turd with corn and a turd with peanuts.

I’m not trying to spark a political debate but I am undecided. Your opinion is very important, to you, but any words you send my way will most likely have the opposite effect. No faster way to get me on the other side than “you’ll have to agree.” 

I thought something in this mess would sway me toward one or the other. Nope. Probably because I don’t have a dog in this fight right now. Tomorrow when I get to my big meeting I will be choked out by opinions on this debate. The only way to remain calm is to screw with both sides.

It’s going to be a long week.

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