Started the day scared shitless in the back of a cab. I haven’t been that freaked out since I wound up backwards on the highway. This dude was new to driving in this country and was on the wrong side of the road twice where I had to correct him and then we used the shoulder as a lane in a construction zone. When we got to O’Hare I told him that he was the worst driver I’ve ever seen and he needs to find another job before someone gets killed. He didn’t seem to understand so hopefully the new asshole I installed on the dispatcher that answered my call will clear up any confusion. They offered to comp my ride but I refused letting them know that paying for the worst will stick in my head as a reminder of what their company is capable of. Nothing like completely sweating through your clothes before you get to the airport to start a trip off right.

Then the woman next to me sitting at the bulkhead asked if I would trade the front row window seat I purchased for her daughters shitty back of the plane middle seat. I stared at her like the cabbie did me earlier. Just pretended she wasn’t making sense. It finally sunk in when the air waitress told her that no one on this completely full aircraft would make that swap. I think she was attempting to project her annoyance throughout the flight but my don’t-care-o-meter was pinned. I was listening to music and playing games. When she tried to return her half eaten snack box I laughed and that didn’t make us any closer. But my favorite thing about her was as the aircraft unloaded she tried yelling back to her daughter to come up and get off with her. When other people began to laugh and none of them moved she stomped out on to the jetway and waited with her arms firmly crossed. She didn’t even look at me when I wished her a good day and told her I’d see her in baggage claim. Oh well, one less new friend.

Now I’m sitting here and the time difference is killing me. It’s five o’clock and I’m starving with a side order of tired. Luckily tonight is low key as it all hits the fan tomorrow. I need to find some food stat.

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