brain leakage

The keynote speaker yesterday had worldwide in his company name and quite frankly it made me kind of jealous. I made a note to myself that read worldwide or stupidtom worldwide? There is no logical reason for me to think about this nonsense but I have clearly established the broken in my brain.

A new branch of stupid will take me over the five dollar total expenditures per month budget for this nonsense. Worldwide might have to become a parent entity. moving along

I just had the worst customer service interaction with a hotel employee over a pop purchase. Look, I understand that the hotel is going to stick it to me with the cost but there is no need to break it off once inside. Her system was down so her contention was that she couldn’t give me the discount for buying two. I tried not to get pissed but spending a dollar I clearly shouldn’t have to caught me square in the cheap. I don’t expense my diet poison addiction so the money is my own. (I realize that doesn’t make it better. shut it) We went back and forth until I requested the hotel manager.

She told me she would leave my information for her manager but I let her know I was going to leave and go immediately to the hotel manager on duty. Then, magically, the extra buck disappeared. So stupid that I had to threaten that. Do your job or move on.

I tell you that as I formulate an idea to deliver cold drinks to hotels. The service is simple. If you are say trapped in a Pepsi hotel and are addicted to Coke products you would call my company and we would show up with an ice filled styrofoam cooler filled with the beverages of your choice. Pricing is easy as most hotels charge between three and four dollars per bottle. My price would be $2.50 delivered with a cooler you can keep or return for a coupon toward future purchases. Alcohol would be more but always less than on property pricing. It starts in concentrated hotel areas and, holy crap I need to stop now…

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