circle back

The other day I mentioned puppeteer and didn’t explain so I will clean up that spill now. Where I was back stage there was a voice actor and a digital puppet actor guy working a floating head that interacted with speakers in the big room. Great guys and the technology was endlessly fascinating to me. So much so in fact that I almost missed my own cue to interact with a presenter. Anyway. The morning I showed you the mini love doll box there was one waiting for me when I showed up for breakfast. So I did what anyone would do when encountering an inflated likeness of oneself at the buttcrack of dawn and shared a meal with my new friend. Pictures were taken and the floating head was put in the picture as if we had all been out together the night before.


The likeness isn’t as striking as the box but I think the pranksters could have done a much better job blowing him up. They said they couldn’t as his formidable erection became a problem. (I’m just going to let that one go) His chest reads Book the Call because I work with Customer Service teams in our organization and that is one of my frequent preaching points. Nothing better than sitting out in an audience of more than six hundred of your closest friends and having that image show up on every screen. SURPRISE. Good times.

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