Traffic view

Forgot to mention that we ate in an awesome restaurant on our last night in San Diego. A good time but I was more than a little side tracked by the proximity of landing aircraft. So I took out my trusty but shitty phone camera and tried to capture the experience. This was a lesson in failure.

Should have taken a video but the youtube and I are currently fighting. Seems like there is something wrong with my account so I might need to move the four whole videos I have there to a new setup. None of which you should care about by the way I am just venting nonsense over behind the scenes stupidtom nonsense.

I tried again with worse results and returned to drinking and eating steak which I am consistently good at. (I realize that grammatical rules state I shouldn’t end a sentence with a preposition but if you didn’t get my meaning slap yourself for caring too much about something that is being replaced by cartoons of smiling poop)

By the way this establishment almost lost me when they brought out the fresh bread. There was a bowl of some artisan local bullshit butter and a plate of some locally mined salt that no one could figure out. That is until you spread the cow squeezings on the bread and realized that the only salt on your pallet was from the farmers hands. Truth in advertising laws should make them call it bovine vaseline.

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