The second chair debate

I will vote for the first one of these dick whistles that admits to being a because I need one running mate. Holy crap cakes they aren’t even talking to each other. It’s a contest to see who can dodge the real question and regurgitate the things they were coached to say. I want Mike Tyson to moderate this and every time there is a non-answer you take a punch.

First dodge is a shot to the arm. Second one the gut, third and any more if you get up is in the face. Mike’s menacing lisp and face tattoo would add some much needed color to this battle of beige balloons. The most interesting thing for me right now is trying to figure out what pin Tim Kaine is wearing.

It looks like a YouTube play button. Whatever it is it’s a poor choice. Way too reflective. Someone’s going to be in trouble for that reflective rectangle. I can’t look away.

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