Okay I am pledging to no longer bore with political nonsense as the truth is much more entertaining than I could ever write. I just got nuts watching that debate and it was fueled today with both sides declaring absolute victory everywhere. We are doomed.

And speaking of the end I want to address the recent clownpocalypse showing up around the country. This is a dangerous game that is being played by these wayward adults disguising themselves and it’s only a matter of time until things turn violent. I have some deep clown issues and I blame most of them on John Wayne Gacy. When that twisted individual, clown name Pogo, was finally caught I was the same age as the bodies being removed from his crawl space. The fact that it was happening nineteen miles from my house didn’t help either. A switch was flipped in my brain declaring all disguised adults, especially clowns, dangerous and it’s the old time ones like the thing that sent lightning power to Frankenstein’s monster.

An old college friend has been torturing me lately with reports of nationwide clowning but finally today she sent something that makes sense. It is a group of vigilante citizens that have banded together to hunt these disguised adults. I have already reached out to start my own chapter.


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